BodyMoves Pro Body Moves Finger Splint




  • ✔️FULL FINGER PROTECTION AND PAIN RELIEF whether at work while doing sport or your regular routine.
  • ✔️ ALL IN ONE COMPLETE SET. Depending on your finger needs, we provide you with a finger splint and sleeve.
  • ✔️UNIVERSAL.One size fits all fingers(pinky,ring,middle,index & thumb)with up to 3.5" circumference
  • ✔️ADJUSTABLE PREMIUM QUALITY BREATHABLE NEOPRENE WITH 6 COLOR CHOICES (Midnight Black, Aqua Blue, Desert sand, Rosy Red, Forest green, Sunny yellow).
  • ✔️UNISEX AND ERGONOMIC. Works for men, women, and kids. It helps effectively with finger rehabilitation.

Publisher: BodyMoves Pro



BodyMoves Finger Splint


The Finger Splint comes with a built-in aluminum support bar that serves as the finger straightener and immobilizer. It is very effective for:

🔴Mallet Finger

🔴Trigger finger

🔴 Broken, torn, jammed, fractured finger or phalanx

🔴finger sprain, dislocation, and fracture

🔴finger knuckles or joints and ligament tears

🔴metacarpal sprain and dislocation, carpal tunnel

🔴hammer-like, tendon sheath hands, tendonitis

🔴post-surgery healing and medical rehab

  It is excellent for INJURY PREVENTION, especially while doing sports to protect you from jams, breaks, dislocation and tendon injuries. It helps to alleviate finger locking, popping, bending, swelling, soreness, and stiffness.


It comes with strong Velcro straps for easy adjustments. It is easy to wear and can be used by kids, adults and elderly people. It fits finger circumference of up to 3.5”.


It is made with premium quality breathable and lightweight neoprene. The stretchy nylon and soft cotton fabric provide extra comfort and maintain hand temperature and moisture. It is small and can be brought along during your travel.


BodyMoves Nylon Sleeves -Gives support and protection for the finger, provides light compression increases blood circulation and gives a good grip on the ball when doing sports ⚽🏀🏐🎾🏈


  • Brand: BodyMoves
  • UPC: 627843965619
  • EAN: 627843965619
  • Color: Midnight Black
  • Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.0 x 0.5 inches

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