UTK Far Infrared Knee Heating Pad (11.81" x 7.48")



【Knee Infrared Heat Pad for Pain Relief 】: Featuring the best Carbon Fiber Heating Element, UTK Infrared Knee Heating Pad would emit far-infrared rays, which deeply and evenly penetrate throughout the skin and muscle of the body, bringing relief and healing by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.
【Hot Therapy with 8 Natural Jade Stones】: Featuring 8 Jade Stones and Max out 159°F, Knee Heat Pad offers a completely comfortable experience on targeted pain relief. When heating up, it emits much more negative ions which promote oxygenation to the brain and gently soothe your mind.
【Flexible Heating Wrap for Multiple Areas of the Body】: UTK Infrared Heating Wrap Max length is 25.2‘’ in length, Min length is 21.26‘’. It’s a flexible design that wraps easily around multiple areas of the body like the neck, knee, wrist, arm, thigh, providing targeted Pain Relief.

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