UTK Far Infrared Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad - Medium Plus (21''x38'')



Much denser stone layout, 132 natural Jade plus 54 Tourmaline Stones, increase heating area, moreover, additional tourmaline stones emit much more negative ions than pure jade pads, dramatically enhance  benefits to the human body

Tourmaline Stones own a lower SHC (Specific Heat Capacity) compare to jade, with 160 Watts Output, the layout of the stones would get heat up more prompt to reach your desired temperature.

Smart Controller: CE certification smart controller has a Memory Function, convenient for people to set last-time temp level, suit for all age rang persons. we have 6 Temp settings and Auto-shut. Suitable for 220-240V, Low EMF. FSA or HSA Eligible

Flexibility: We improve the flexibility of this pad in a large range by adopting more amount of stones in tinier size. You now can wrap this pad on the stomach, hip, lumbar, or leg, arm, etc.

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