Apex Ultra Pill Cutter



Apex Ultra Pill Splitter made from Optical grade polycarbonate with a flexible V-shape holder to grip any size pill for accurate cutting. The contoured design has an over mould for comfort. Includes retracting blade guard for added cutting safety. The tablet cutter and pill cutter utilizes a unique V-shaped design to firmly grip pills of any size for easy accurate cutting making this a premium medication splitting device. It's the best option for providing an accurate dosage of any medication tablets.

The ergonomic design of the  Ultra Pill Splitter crafted with an oversold with added finger grooves makes it comfortable to split pills in half for accurate dosage or for those who have trouble swallowing. Sure to be your favourite healthcare product. The medicine cutter has a retracting blade guard to create a safe cutting environment. The blade guard covers the blade when the pill-splitter is not in use so your fingers are safe and your blade stays sharp for cutting pills with just a push. A pill cutter splitter for small pills or large pills, the Apex ultra pill cutter will fit the needs of most who their pills cut in half. The splitter works for pills and for tablets.



  • Colour: Blue and Clear
  • Release Date: 16-03-2012
  • UPC: 792217538383
  • EAN: 654979034766
  • Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches
  • Languages: English

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