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  • 👉 FITS HIP CIRCUMFERENCE SIZE 32 - 45 INCH 👈 Belt length - 44 INCH. Belt width - 4.5 INCH. Our non-restricting design fits both men and women.
  • ☑️ALLEVIATES JOINT PAIN AND REDUCES SI JOINT INFLAMMATION - Vriksasana SI joint belt helps stabilize the sacroiliac joint (or "SI joint") that is hypermobile or inflamed and reduces pelvis, lower back and/or leg pain (a symptom of sciatica) caused by SI joint dysfunction. We strongly recommend that you wear the Vriksasana SI joint belt day and night for at least two weeks. Do not over tighten the belt.
  • ☑️DUAL ADJUSTMENT AND MAXIMUM COMFORT - Vriksasana SI joint belt is designed to be worn for long periods of time, which is the key to recovery and pain relief. The wraparound "dual belt" design provides controllable compression and the secondary straps allow you to customize the amount of additional compression needed over specific sore or inflamed areas. The breathable fabrics allow for air and moisture to pass through.
  • ☑️LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE - The perforated neoprene used in the inner belt is lightweight, breathable and pilling resistant. The ribbonfish fabric used in the secondary straps is breathable, elastic and pilling resistant.
  • ☑️STAYS IN PLACE: The double elastic fish ribbon bands and the unique curved shape make the belt stays in place all day and night. The anti-slip silicone strips on the inner belt prevent the belt from sliding up and down when you are seated. You can wear them while doing physical activities and exercise.

Publisher: Vriksasana Posture

Details: Size: Regular

► Effectiveness

Vriksasana SI belt is designed specifically for the lateral lower back (zone 5) to help relieve lower back, hip and buttock pain. It provides stabilization and relief to the pelvic area through the compression from the primary belt, and additional targeted support through the secondary straps. Vriksasana sacroiliac joint brace can help reduce acute pain that can come from sitting or standing too long. The belt can also immediately help increase joint stability and reduce inflammation of the sacroiliac joint while allowing the ligaments to repair. There is no downside of wearing the Vriksasana SI belt. The belt supports only the ligaments and there is no risk of muscle weakening.

► Highest quality material

Vriksasana sacroiliac brace uses premium fabrics that are breathable, water-resistant, pilling resistant and durable.

► Easy adjustment

Vriksasana SI joint brace's dual belt uses velcro fastening that is fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit around your hips.

► Discreet

Vriksasana SI belt is made to be worn over or under clothes, its low-profile design allows you to wear it inside your clothes and against your underwear. Vriksasana SI belt promotes healing while you go about your daily activities.

► For both men and women

Vriksasana SI belt is a thoughtful gift presented in a stylish box, perfect for your spouse or parent that is experiencing pain caused by sacroiliac joint dysfunction.


  • Brand: Vriksasana Posture
  • Color: Black
  • UPC: 659153737075
  • EAN: 659153737075
  • Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.4 x 2.4 inches

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