TheraPearl Color Changing Eye Mask




  • New TheraPearl Color Changing Hot + Cold packs feature TheraPearl ColorSmart Technology with pearls that visibly change colors when hot or cold, the pearls turn white when hot and purple when cold
  • The reusable and flexible eye mask is essential for relieving headaches, sinus pressure, puffy eyes, dry eyes, allergies, symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome, blepharitis, and other eye issues
  • Reusable hot and cold compress with gel pearls that conveniently hold the temperature for the doctor-recommended time of approximately 20 minutes
  • For product longevity, store the reusable pack in an airtight container or bag in the freezer

Details: Eye-essential for tired, puffy eyes, tender brows, and aching heads! Even after a restful night’s sleep, you can wake with red, puffy eyes that make you look and feel tired –especially during allergy season. If decongestants leave you in a fog, try THERA°PEARL’s Eye-ssential Eye Mask, the natural way to look and feel brighter every day. The mask can be used cold or hot. Cold relieves dry, puffy eyes and those wicked sinus headaches. It takes the sting out of a brow wax and reduces swelling after a cosmetic procedure. The heat helps to reduce nasal congestion and relieves soreness once the swelling is gone. Chill it in the freezer or fridge or pop it into the microwave. Place it over your eyes and sinuses, or slide it up to your forehead. Its pliable, face-hugging shape stays put without drips or leaks, and the therapeutic temperature lasts 20 delicious minutes. You won’t believe the comfort.


  • Brand: THERA°PEARL
  • Color: Blue (New Version)
  • Publisher: TheraPearl
  • UPC: 785217973988
  • EAN: 4150103338954
  • Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 2.6 x 1.2 inches

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