Tena Intimates Ultra Thin Light Pads 30 Count




  • TENA Intimates, with ProSkin Technology, keeps users intimately fresh and clean
  • Exclusive 3D technology, with a soft top layer, quickly wicks fluid away to maintain skin's natural protection
  • Advanced odor protection pH-balanced to fight odors
  • Cushiony side gathers that conform to your body
  • Individually Wrapped

Details: A proven system of Fearless Protection for the Unexpected Leak. Discover the proven personal care system to fit your Lifestyle. It's made with Tena Technology. Our Tena Active personal care pad offers protection so fearless you can twist it and not even a drop escapes. Its cottony feel lets you twist to the tango or sprint to a meeting with fearless Protection of Tena Active. Stylish form-fitting. Active moves with you. Anywhere comfortable. Two lengths light. Pads Ultra-thin: light Moderate two lengths Heavy. if(type of P !== 'undefined' && type of P.when !== 'undefined') { P.when('product-description-fix').execute(function(productDescription){productDescription.fixTableIssue(); }); }


  • Brand: TENA
  • UPC: 380040465008
  • EAN: 796433847847
  • Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.4 x 5.8 inches
  • Publisher: SCA

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