MEDca Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages Wrap- 6 count




  • 6 BANDAGE ROLLS IN ONE SET- Numerous bandage rolls in a single package are simply a great way of saving lots of money. Need something to seamlessly match with your skin? This one is the right one for you! Precisely ideal for girls!
  • SELF-ADHESIVE DESIGN- These elastic bandages are far better than the non-adhesive ones as they have the self-adhering ability so that the tape doesn't loosen and fall off easily. No more worries about pricky pins! It's perfect for playful children!
  • COHESIVE QUALITY- The bandage is extra large and adheres to itself. It doesn't adhere well to other surfaces such as hair or skin. Now no more struggles when pulling off bandages!!
  • GREAT THERAPEUTIC VALUE- Our tapes are sterile and they have great medicinal value, which is good for swelling, sprain, and general soreness. Most importantly, they have antibiotic property! You can also use the tapes as foam bandages for dressing wounds.
  • MADE OF HIGH PRECISION MATERIAL-The The bandage is made from high-quality porous fabric with bacon strips that is totally safe for your skin as it allows good ventilation. It is very light weighted, and safe for your pets as well! 


Before purchasing MEDca Cohesive bandage rolls, it's important for you to know why this package is worth buying.

√Great buy Along with all the other advanced medicinal accessories in your first aid kit, this package of bandage rolls is a must-have article indeed. You can take care of all the minor emergencies with this package of MEDca Cohesive bandages. Recommended by most of the professionals, it's one of the best all-purpose bandage wraps.

√Easy and Safe to use This tape is conveniently easy to use as it comes with the self-adhering ability so that you don't have to use pins to fix it. Unlike other adhesive bandages, it doesn't adhere to your hair or skin, so you can pull it off easily. The material used is breathable and safe for your tender skin.

√Highly effective, extra-large bandage The light weighted bandage helps relieve swelling and soreness immediately. It works best during emergencies by providing sustained, reliable compression to the afflicted area until medical assistance is achieved.

√Worth the amount A single package consists of 6 bandage rolls! Keep some rolls at the workplace, at home, and when traveling, you are never going to run out of those! It's a once in a lifetime-buy!

We offer you Guarantee

Our bandages are a high quality product and we guarantee your safety. We always stand at the back of our products, and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case you aren't 100% satisfied with your buy.

Take full advantage of this very tempting and SAFE purchase today by just clicking the 'add to chart' button above.


  • UPC: 661799414364
  • EAN: 661799414364
  • Publisher: MEDca
  • Brand: MEDca
  • Color: Skin
  • Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 4.9 x 2.3 inches

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