Premium Enema Bulb 7.6 Oz Black By Waterwerx



Brand: Healthy Vibes


  • Easy to use handheld personal cleaning device for men | Ultra thin tip is designed for effortless penetration no matter if you are a beginner or advanced user
  • The flat over-sized bulb easily stands for convenient non-spill use | Designed to flush out your rectum, anus, and lower intestines
  • Removes all unwanted bacteria and bodily fluids that will ruin anal play | Helps keep anal sex safe, clean, and hygienic
  • EZ Squeeze food grade silicone bulb makes flushing your body out simple and painfree | Never suffer from an embarrassing anal experience that might contain fecal matter
  • As with all Healthy Vibes adult and sexual health products, this anal enema will arrive discreetly to your door in plain packaging

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: Healthy Vibes

Details: The key to good anal sex is always going to be preparation. It's all about the details of what you do before and after going deep into a tight ass. There is no greater detail then keeping everything nice and clean outback. The last thing you or your partner want is some unexpected poop coming out and potentially all over each other. Or even worst, imagine pulling your favorite prostate massager out only to find your breakfast all over it. Gross. Not a pretty sight in the least. All of that is avoidable simply but using a nice anal enema a few hours before you know it's going down. When choosing an enema, you really need to think about the penetration and if you are ready for a large tip such as the colt anal enema or if you are more for a small tip for easy entrance. Easy to use ultra-thin tip anal enema The rigid tip has a large bore for easy flow even out of a thin tip Oversized silicone enema bulb has a large capacity of 7.6 fl oz (225 ml) Made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic Easy to assemble and disassemble for a sanitary cleanup Adjustable tip to control the release of water Designed to help clean out men for anal sex play Will fit all body types Can be used with any enema liquid such as coffee, lemon, or apple cider As one of the finest constructed enema's we've seen, the Waterwerx Thin Tip is the perfect addition for anybody even thinking about having anal sex. No matter if you have anal all the time, you love playing with huge anal toys, or if it's your first time going in the back door, Waterwerx is up for the challenge. As you grasp the bulb in your hand you will feel the soft satin finish of the food-grade silicone bulb which is quite large in comparison to the insanely thin tip. The ABS plastic tip meets the silicone bulb at an easy to use quick push joint which allows you to disassemble into two pieces. The silicone bulb has a convenient flat bottom which allows you to stand the bulb upright. This comes in handy when you are fi

Package Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches

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