Nexcare Assorted Sizes Waterproof Clear Bandages- 100 count




  • The waterproof design stays on the skin in the bath, shower or pool
  • Covers and protect cuts, scrapes, and blisters
  • 360-degree seal around the pad offers exceptional protection against water, dirt, and germs
  • Leaves minimal adhesive residue on skin when removed
  • The clear design is comfortable and transparent, a perfect match to your skin

Details: Designed to stay on in wet conditions and keep the water out, Nexcare Waterproof Bandages protect minor wounds like scrapes, cuts, and blisters during cooking, cleaning, exercising, gardening, swimming, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Ultra-thin, breathable construction with a 360-degree seal that protects against water, dirt, and germs to help prevent infection. Made with a clear flexible backing and non-stick pad, these bandages easily adhere and conform to fingers, elbows, knees and other hard-to-cover parts. Nexcare Waterproof Bandages deserve a spot in every first-aid kit, offering reliable-wound care that keeps you moving at your everyday pace.


  • UPC: 51131212763
  • EAN: 51131212763
  • Brand: Nexcare
  • Package Dimensions: 4.2 x 3.2 x 2.5 inches

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