Microwavable Heating Pad





  • FLEXIBLE & EASY TO USE - Makes this microwave heating pad a Win-Win as it heats up quickly and molds into every body part, while its nice weight helps hold in place and deliver gentle heat therapy pressure.
  • TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF - Relief pain and stress from head to toe and ease sore muscles or injuries - lower back pain, sore neck, stomach cramps, achy knees and ankles, etc.
  • COLD OFFICES & WINTER - Be prepared and stay warm in your cold office and cool whether as this well made heat pack uses Flax and Rice for excellent natural ingredients to Hold Heat.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES- Super soft fleece on one side to gently hug your skin and provide moist warmth, while the cotton on other side can be used for extra heat retention. Made in USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡², Dimensions: 6 x 11 inches.
  • PERFECT GIFT 🎁 idea for Birthdays πŸŽ‰ , Holidays, Christmas, and more! SATISFACTION GUARANTEE πŸ˜€ - We love it when are customers are happy so If you're not satisfied please reach out to us so we can make things right πŸ‘

Details: This All Natural Therapy Pack is in a rectangular shape and can be used for various areas of the body. One side is soft Fleece and the other is Cotton. It is Ideal for Relieving Pain, Stress, and Discomfort as well as Promoting Body Relaxation. Recommended body areas for the pack are Knees, Hips, Stomach, Arms, Shoulders, Neck, and more as the weight of the pack applies a gentle pressure on the affected areas. Use it for sore muscles, achy joints, injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, stress relief, and the list goes on. Also, use it to keep Warm and Cozy during a Cold Winter. Simply heat in the microwave for Heat Therapy. Heat Therapy can be applied to chronic injuries and aches as it increases blood circulation, accelerates the relief of sore and tense muscles, and has the ability to penetrate deeply into painful and irritated muscles. Other great features about this product are that it's Reusable, Natural, Handmade, of High Quality, and may be used on a daily basis. The product will come neatly packed with instructions on how to use and store correctly. We are eager for you to use and enjoy our products!


  • UPC: 731123627972

  • EAN: 731123627972

  • Publisher: Nature Creation

  • Brand: My Heating Pad

  • Color: I. Purple

  • Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.4 x 1.0 inches

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