Exergen Baby Thermometer Temporal Scan




  • 9 Volt batteries required (best with Polaroid 9 Volt batteries)
  • Genital stoke of forehead captures naturally emitted heat
  • red LED lights and soft beep indicate the correct scan
  • Arterial Heat Balance computes the correct temperature
  • Safe and easy to use

Details: Accurate Temperature With A Gentle Forehead Scan.

More accurate than ear*
At least as accurate as rectal**
Method of choice of premier hospitals
Use on sleeping child or with an ear infection
No probe covers
Recommended for the entire family
Professional Technology For Parents...patented Arterial Heat Balance provides the breakthrough:
A gentle stroke of forehead captures naturally emitted heat from the skin over the temporal artery.
Red LED lights and soft beep indicate the correct scan.
Takes 1,000 readings per second, selecting the most accurate.
Arterial Heat Balance computes the correct temperature.
Why the Temporal Artery?
Directly connected to the heart via the carotid artery.
Has the constant blood flow needed for accurate measurement?
Safest, most convenient, and comfortable place to measure temperature.
"We measured the temperature with each of these two thermometers on children and compared the reading to the rectal temperature, which is generally considered the standard. Essentially we found that by every measure that we used, the temporal artery thermometer was more accurate than the tympanic." ~ David Greenes, M.D., Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School: National Public Radio interview
"...may even prove to be better than taking a rectal temperature." ~ Shari Roan, LA Times
"The TemporalScanner is the magic wand you've been waiting for ~ Working Mother, Feb 2002
A better thermometer for your child...just ask your pediatrician
"I would highly recommend it to anyone." ~ Barry W. McGraw, MD - Pediatrician
"This is brand new...It's neat! It's rocket science!" ~ Mark Widome, MD - Pediatrician on NBC's Today Show
TAT-2000C Home Model
9 Volt battery included
*Harvard Medical School Study
**Hospital for Sick Children Study
Made in the USA.


  • Brand: Exergen
  • EAN: 26638212004
  • UPC: 834098002314
  • Publisher: Exergen Corporation
  • Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 4.4 x 1.0 inches

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