Extra Disposable Vaginal Applicators



Brand: Aloe Cadabra


  • Easy to Use Disposable Vaginal Applicators - 15 Individually Wrapped Applicators
  • Facilitate Vaginal Administration in Measured Doses - Threaded End for Generic Fit
  • Individually Wrapped for One Time Use and Convenience (Single Use Applicators)
  • Vaginal Applicator: Can be Used with Prescription Hormone Creams, Premarin, Estrace and Many Other OTC Products
  • For Use With Vaginal Moisturizers, Natural Lube & Organic Lubricants

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: Aloe Cadabra

Details: INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED APPLICATORS: Holds 4GM. Contains dosage markings of: .5 GM, 1GM, 2GM, 3GM & 4GM DISPOSABLES APPLICATOR MAY: Facilitate the vaginal administration of prescription hormone creams, Vaginal Moisturizers, Vaginal Lubricants, Contraceptive Gel or Yeast Creams. Do not reuse applicators (Single use only). For instructions please refer to product package insert of product being used with applicator. Applicators do not include product for use in them. All products such as hormone creams, vaginal moisturizer, contraceptive gel or yeast creams must be purchased separately. Please consult your physician regarding use of these products; this website is for informational use only and is not providing medical advice.

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 4.9 x 0.7 inches

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