Duro-Med Designer Folding Walking Cane




  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGNER FOLDING CANE with 3 styles, Beige Floral, Blue Cyclone, and Blue Ice
  • AN EASY TO GRIP, STURDY, AND ADJUSTABLE CANE with a wooden derby grip, rubber tips, and has 4 folding points, adjusting from 33 inches to 37 inches in 1 inch increments
  • MADE OF STRONG AND LIGHTWEIGHT ANODIZED ALUMINUM so it's easy to carry at only 9.6 ounces and supports up to 250 pounds with a 3 quarter inch tip
  • INCLUDES FOLDING CANE CARRYING CASE making it easy to travel and store, sized at 6 inches by 13 inches



Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Fancy Cane with Derby Top Wood Handle and Rubber Tips
You’ll go places in style using this pretty lightweight cane with a lovely pink, white and beige floral print. But it’s no lightweight when it comes to support Constructed of strong anodized aluminum, it can support up to 250 pounds. The handle is made of black polished wood which will feel comfortable in your hand. And the slip-resistant rubber tips give you a firmer grip on the floor or pavement, helping you feel safer. It’s also adjustable from 33 to 37 inches, meaning you can set it at the height most comfortable for you.

A Great Travel Cane – Easy to Fold and Store
This cane makes a great companion when you’re traveling in town or out of town. You won’t have to try to prop it up against something only to watch it fall or worry someone will trip over it. And you won’t have to hold onto it the whole time you are seated. Simply pull the pieces apart, fold and place the cane in its clear plastic storage pouch. You can then slip that into your bag. When you’re ready to get up, it easily snaps back into place.

How to Properly Size a Cane
Wearing your shoes, naturally stand upright. Put your arms to your side with a natural bend at the elbow. Have someone measure the distance from your wrist joint to the floor. This is the height at which to set your cane. If you don’t have someone to measure for you, convert your height to inches, divide by two and add a half-inch to this height.


  • Attractive, adjustable folding cane fits conveniently in a large purse or bag
  • Folds into four sections and stores compactly in a 6 x 13 inch carrying case
  • Constructed of lightweight yet strong anodized aluminum with slip-resistant rubber tips 
  • Comfortable, contoured derby-top wood handle
  • Adjustable height from 33 to 37 inches in one-inch increments;



  • Brand: Duro-Med
  • Colour: Beige Flora
  • UPC: 885535009250

  • EAN: 41298010777
  • Publisher: Duro-Med
  • Release Date: 25-05-2005
  • Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 4.0 x 1.5 inches

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