DONECO King Size Heating Pad foot warmer




Color: 22" X 22"


  • Oversized 22 x 22 "heating pad: provides maximum coverage of the back, shoulders, legs and other large muscle groups, providing maximum relaxation treatment for thermal release
  • Oversized pockets: big enough to hold your feet and share them with someone you love. A soft, thick flannelette cap will keep the heat inside the pad warm.
  • Material: both sides are made of luxurious plush fabric, very durable. Soft fiber filled center adds comfort to cushion tired feet. Safe in washing machine!
  • Safe and comfortable: thanks to our most advanced LCD controller, you can quickly switch between 4 different temperature Settings! The insulation can even shut down automatically for two hours to save energy and help prevent burns from overheating.
  • 30-day warranty: if our hot pad sounds too good to be true, you can try it out for yourself and find out how easy it is to relax! We have a 30-day guarantee for each order, so you can return it if you are not completely satisfied.

Publisher: DONECO

Details: Whether you're an athlete with sore muscles or someone who has struggled with chronic neck pain for years, you know that stiffness and discomfort can hold your whole life back. Fortunately, family relief may be easier than you think. Use the DONECO King side heating pad to make muscle pain a problem of the past! At 22 "x 22", providing maximum coverage of the lower back, shoulders, legs and other large muscle groups, providing maximum relief from the heat of relaxation therapy. Because it heats up in seconds, you'll experience the comfort of rapid release when you need it most. Equipped with LCD controller, you can switch between 4 different temperature Settings to find the most suitable temperature for you! After continuous use for 2 hours, the machine automatically shuts down to save energy and prevent burns. Made from an incredible soft plush material, it provides incredible comfort and is even safe in the washing machine! At DONECO, we care about your health and safety as much as you do! That's why we use a mixture of micromink and polyester. They are strong, durable and safe for sensitive skin. Powered by 120V, our pad is something you can always count on. Why did you choose our DONECO King side heating pad? -- wavy 22 x 22 "pads, oversized feet, back, waist, shoulders, legs and other large muscle groups -4 temperature setting - in LCD control - safe in the washing machine - soft and comfortable materials

Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 10.7 x 3.8 inches

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