Depend Adjustable Incontinence Underwear




  • Depend Adjustable incontinence underwear for men and women are easily adjustable for a comfortable, tailored fit
  • Perforated sides make it easy for wearers or caregivers to easily and discreetly remove a used pair of these disposable, absorbent underwear
  • Disposable panties with maximum absorbency lock away wetness and odor for leak-free, worry-free protection
  • Designed to mimic regular adult underwear, Depend Adjustable Underwear are soft, quiet and breathable
  • Depend underwear ship in plain boxes and may be eligible for FSA savings for customers in the USA (please check with your FSA administrator)
  • Depend Adjustable Underwear now come in two packs of 18; packaging may vary
  • Packaging may vary from image shown

Details: Depend Adjustable Incontinence Underwear with maximum absorbency is incontinence protection for men and women that fits more like underwear and less like an adult diaper. If you're caring for someone with incontinence, Depend adjustable pants are designed for discreet changing without having to remove your pants and shoes at home or on-the-go. Adjustable Underwear features perforated sides that neatly tear open with four prefastened tabs to securely close for a snug, underwear-like fit. Depend adult disposable underwear offers worry-free odour control. Depend incontinence products are also latex-free, lotion-free and fragrance-free. This package contains Adjustable Incontinence Underwear for men or women in size large/extra-large (44-64 in. waist; 170-300 lbs.).


  • Brand: Depend
  • Colour: Green
  • UPC: 36000191844
  • EAN: 36000191844
  • Publisher: Kimberly-Clark Corp.
  • Release Date: 07-05-2018
  • Package Dimensions: 13.5 x 12.2 x 10.5 inches

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