MABIS 9-Second Waterproof Digital Thermometer with Flexible Tip



About this item

  • plastic
  • THE STYLISH MABIS 9-SECOND DIGITAL THERMOMETER IS 6X FASTER THAN TRADITIONAL DIGITAL THERMOMETERS. The flexible tip conforms to the mouth and stays in place for added comfort.
  • GET QUICK, CLINICALLY ACCURATE RESULTS IN SECONDS. This versatile thermometer produces rectal (9 seconds), oral (16 seconds) and underarm (25 seconds) readouts in no time.
  • WATERPROOF – this thermometer is very easy to clean!
  • CONVENIENTLY KEEP TRACK OF YOUR FAMILY'S DAY TO DAY PROGRESS with the last reading memory recall feature. A helpful tone sounds to indicate peak temperature.
  • INCLUDES 5 PROBE COVERS, SLEEK STORAGE CASE, auto shutoff, replaceable long-life battery, detailed instructions in English and Spanish and a lifetime limited warranty.

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