Comfort Flex Digital Thermometer




  • COMFORT FLEX THERMOMETER: The ComfortFlex Thermometer gives you the temperature in 8 seconds & the Fever InSight display lets you easily see if it indicates a fever. It can be used orally, rectally, or underarm.
  • QUICK & ACCURATE: Digital thermometers provide fast, easy to read temperatures so you can tell if you or your child has a fever quickly & accurately. Vick's digital thermometers make sick days easier to handle.
  • VICKS THERMOMETERS: Vicks helps you help your family feel better during a cold or flu. Our humidifiers, vaporizers, NyQuil, VapoRub & other medications help relieve symptoms & thermometers help you track them.
  • VICKS FOR FLU SEASON: A fever can be a symptom of many sicknesses, including colds, ear infections or the flu. A fever can be one of the first signs of sickness, especially in babies & children.
  • RELIEF AND CARING FROM VICKS: For over 100 years, Vicks has been helping families continue life, even on sick days.

Details: Help make it feel better. Uses: The Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer with SpeedRead technology, large screen display, and Fever InSight feature makes taking temperatures fast, easy and comfortable. For use orally, rectally or under the arm. Features: Fever InSight: Large color-changing display with backlight. Fast 8-second reading.* Accurate readings within +/- 0.2 degrees F. Waterproof. Memory recall. Storage case inside. *Results will vary by individual and method used. Clinical results range from 8.1 to 38.0 seconds. Average read times in clinicals: 13.0 seconds rectal, 19.0 seconds oral and 22.0 seconds underarm.


  • Brand: Vicks
  • Release Date: 01-05-2016
  • Publisher: Vicks
  • UPC: 885382583354
  • EAN: 328785509656
  • Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 3.0 x 0.9 inches

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