Clear Care Rinse & Go Solution 12-Ounces




  • For use after cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses
  • Formulated to be gentle on your eyes and give your lenses a rise whether you're at home or on the go
  • Promotes comfort
  • For Soft Contact Lenses
  • Not for cleaning or disinfecting

Details: Clear Care Rinse & Go Rinsing Solution is the perfect combination for the ultimate clean with Clear Care Cleaning and Disinfecting solution. Clear Care Rinse & Go provides the opportunity to rinse lenses before using them, minimizing eye discomfort and irritation. While Clear Care and Clear Care Plus are used for a perfect clean of patient’s lenses, the Rinse & Go saline solution is meant to rinse the lenses after they have been cleaned and disinfected. The solution can only be used for the temporary storage of soft lenses. Clear Care Rinse & Go is more effective than other saline solutions because it’s formulated to be gentle on the eyes. Store soft lenses in Clear Care Rinse & Go for up to 30 days, but they must be cleaned and disinfected with Clear Care or Clear Care Plus before using it again. It is best to use Clear Care Rinse & Go immediately after disinfecting lenses so that eyes are not irritated. This allows lenses to be worn for an extended period of time. Using Rinse & Go will remove any disinfecting and neutralizing solutions, and loosen debris or other particles that may remain on the lens. After removing the contacts from the lens case, proceed to thoroughly rinse both sides for 20 seconds, or until all traces of debris have been removed. After the rinsing process, the lens can be applied to the eye. Alcon’s vision is to be the most trusted leader in eye care and looks forward to continuing the trend of bringing the best new contact solutions and rinses to their patients around the world.


  • Brand: CLEAR CARE
  • Publisher: Alcon Laboratories, Inc
  • Release Date: 06-09-2016
  • UPC: 300650146128
  • EAN: 764442840333
  • Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 2.7 x 2.6 inches

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