Carefree Body Shape Thin Unscented 60 Count



Brand: Carefree


  • FLEXIBLE PROTECTION - These pantiliners for women feature a quilted design to minimize bunching and twisting for flexible protection that moves with your body.
  • ABSORBANT CORE - The Qwik-Dry core locks in fluids faster and keeps you fresher than before.
  • NEUTRALIZES ODORS - Our 8-hour odor control system provides long-lasting freshness to give you that extra boost of confidence when you need it.
  • COMFORTABLE FEEL - Soft, quilted honeycomb design for comfortable protection that molds to your body.
  • IDEAL FOR DAILY USE - Leaks happen when you least expect it, stay protected from life's little surprises by incorporating these thin sanitary liners into your daily morning hygiene routine or keeping a folded to-go liner in your purse.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: Carefree

Release Date: 05-04-2011

Details: Product Description Carefree Acti-Fresh Body Shape Panty Liners are designed to deliver daily protection that comfortably stays in place so you don't have to. These thin liners feature a quilted design that minimizes bunching and twisting and a Qwik-Dry core that wicks away moisture to keep you feeling clean. Use Carefree Acti-Fresh liners as a part of your everyday feminine hygiene routine to protect against light leaks, unexpected periods and everything in between.

So thin and absorbent, you'll forget you're wearing a linerCAREFREE ACTI-FRESH liners are designed to deliver the ultimate freshness throughout your day, thanks to a core that's 40% thinner and proven to absorb 2x more than before.** CAREFREE ACTI-FRESH liners have an 8-hour odor control system so all you feel is freshness. CAREFREE ACTI-FRESH liners are super absorbent to lock fluid away. The unique process results in a thinner, more absorbent liner that feels as soft as your panties. The fibers in ACTI-FRESH liners' cover are bonded together to give you a soft, cotton-like feel that moves with you. They're so thin and absorbent, you'll forget you're wearing a liner. PANTILINERS 101Q: What is a pantiliner?A: A pantiliner is a product designed to give you a way to feel cleaner, fresher, and drier any time of the month and any time of the day or night. A pantiliner is thinner and generally smaller in size than a full size feminine napkin (pad). Pantiliners are great to wear as backup protection when you have your period and are using a tampon. They are also great for absorbing wetness and protecting your panties from normal discharge, perspiration, small leaks of urine, and unexpected menstrual flow.Q: How do pantiliners work?A: Pantiliners are placed in the crotch of your panties and secured to the fabric with adhesive (sticky stuff). Pantiliners usually have three layers: a top layer, a thin absorbent layer, and a back layer. The top layer allows moisture to be pulled into the absorbent layer away from your skin. The back layer helps keep moisture inside the pantiliner, away from your underwear.Q: How do pantiliners differ from pads and tampons?A: Pantiliners and pads (also called feminine napkins) are worn outside the body. They are attached to your underwear and absorb fluid after it leaves your body. Tampons are worn internally and are inserted into the vagina. They absorb fluid before it leaves the body. What's in the BoxCAREFREE ACTI-FRESH BODY SHAPE Thin To Go Unscented, 60-count (Pack of 2). ** Compared with previous CAREFREE BODY SHAPE FIND THE LINER THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU: REGULAR 20-count 54-count 120-count 20-countScented 54-countScented THIN 22-count 60-count LONG 42-count 92-count EXTRA LONG 36-count 93-count Trademark Information:CAREFREE®ACTI-FRESH™CAREFREE® BODY SHAPE™ Thin

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 5.5 x 1.7 inches

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